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Water Fasting Weight Loss - Good or Bad

Water Fasting Weight Loss - Good or Bad

Water fasting is, exactly that! Just water-no solid food, juices, coffee, tea or milk. Are there any benefits to such drastic measures? And does it work?

Well a surgeon may request this just 24 hours before an operation or some other medical procedure, or it may be part of a religious ritual.

Maybe some people are happy to just drink pure water for a short length of time thinking this will flush out all the build of toxins in the system and restore a natural balance.

Water fasting weight loss can occur over a period of time. If you are considering fasting for long periods it is always wise to consult with your GP first and foremost giving your reasons as to why you want to engage in this other than other forms of dieting.

A one day fast, once a week, once a month appears to be the most common time limit but even then you must prepare yourself for this.

A few days before engaging on a water fasting weight loss diet spend a couple of days drinking fruit juices and eating very little so that your body starts to get used to not having solid food.

Water is one of the main important elements in your diet, without this it can lead to all sorts of problems with kidney function, circulatory and digestive systems. When you water fast it gives the body an opportunity to cleanse itself.

How much water you drink is personal to yourself, but on average drink a large glass full of pure water, with nothing added, every few hours or so depending on your size and how active you are.

Any clean water is adequate, filtered tap water and bottled water is fine provided it is just pure water-nothing added.

If your urine is pale yellow then you know you have an adequate intake. If you are running to the toilet every few minutes then that is too much, and if your urine is a dark yellow-then you will need to drink more as you will dehydrate.

Water fasting for weight loss can work and will definitely show results but you have to be very strong willed and determined to water fast for many days.

It has been claimed that to show any real results then you have to water fast for at least 21 days to a maximum of 40 which, in my book, is a very daunting and drastic measure!

However if you have medical problems i.e. heart problems, hyperglycaemia, or see a GP regularly for other complaints then have a consultation and get monitored by a health professional first, and during, this diet.

Dizziness and a feeling of weakness are common ailments during water fasting weight loss diet.

There is no doubt that water fasting can help you shed pounds but it also slows down your metabolism, as your body expects solid food, and once you start to slowly introduce food back into your system then your body will hold onto this food storing it as fat and the weight you have lost could be regained.

So perhaps the water fasting weight loss diet should be part of a healthier lifestyle, to include a balanced diet with regular exercise, to obtain a good overall feeling of well-being with the added bonus of weight loss.

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