Thursday, June 4, 2009

Super Fast Weight Loss Trick

Super Fast Weight Loss Trick

If your body already adapted with a certain amount of calories, it will make your metabolism to slow down significantly and weight loss is almost impossible. To lose weight permanently you mustn’t allow your body to adapt the specific level of calorie daily.

And the trick that would make that happens is Calorie shifting. If you shift your calorie, your body won’t be allowed to adapt to eating a certain number of calories at any one meal, as well as not allowing your body to adapt to any one amount of total calories each day.

To make you more understand, I have drawn up a sample of how you might eat for the next one week period:

Monday: 2000 Calories
Breakfast = 700, Snack time = 200, Lunch = 550, Snack time = 100, Dinner = 450

Tuesday: 1800 Calories
Breakfast = 500, Snack time = 100, Lunch = 550, Snack time = 150, Dinner = 500

Wednesday: 1600 Calories
Breakfast = 450, Snack time = 150, Lunch = 500, Snack time = 100, Dinner = 400

Thursday: 1400 Calories
Breakfast = 400, Snack time = 100, Lunch = 400, Snack time = 100, Dinner = 400

Friday: back to 2000 Calories ( you must never eat below than 1200 calories)
Breakfast = 600, Snack time = 100, Lunch = 550, Snack time = 200, Dinner = 550

You can see the different calories of value you each day and each meal, that’ why it called calorie shifting. If you keep shift your calorie intake, your metabolism will get confused and begin to burning extra fat tissue, help you in losing weight. That’s the trick allow you to force SUPER FAST weight loss to happen.

By: Ben Tien

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